OneRoof by Telecentre Foundation specifically addresses the technology needs of public access computing centers run by telecentres, nonprofits, NGOs and public libraries globally.

“The Telecentre Foundation is delighted to have a reliable full-featured cloud-based solution for managing telecentres – and all of our members can afford to use it because it’s now free,” said Miguel Ramilla, Executive Director of the Telecentre Foundation (and former OneRoof, Inc. co-founder).

One of Telecentre Foundation’s goals is to provide nonprofit computing centers access to data to demonstrate the impact of public access Internet-connected computers. These centers provide access to software, training and Internet connectivity in communities they serve. Detailed usage data derived from OneRoof  also supports advocacy for continued funding for these centers.

“Our company’s core technology is finally being made available globally to telecentres and public access computer locations with the Telecentre Foundation,” said Eric Spector, the former CEO of OneRoof, Inc. (a San Francisco, CA social enterprise that previously operated its own Internet centers across rural India and Mexico).

OneRoof’s underlying technology is used worldwide in thousands of Internet cafes and gaming centers, with cloud-based storage of all transaction data and online access to the activities in each location (graphically displayed online, with downloads in multiple formats).